WHAT TO EXPECT            


  • Before the service grab a coffee and if you have kids, check them in to our kids program, ADVENTURELAND.

  • Once you head into the service there will be around 25 mins of music, then a time for prayer and giving, church news and then a 30 - 40 minute message. At the end of our services, the core team are available for personal prayer at the front of the church.

  • In the foyer, we have a YES desk. Anyone who would like to find out about beginning their faith journey can go to the desk to meet our team and they'll help you get started. You'll received a free bible, a getting started pack and an opportunity to connect with someone to coach you on your walk with Jesus.


  • Our Cafe is open before and after the service and is run by volunteers.

  • All profits from our cafe go to local and global missions.

  • We LOVE our coffee, so we aim to give you the best coffee we can.


  • When you arrive there will be hosts at the door to say Hi, and as you enter the auditorium there is an Information Desk. If you need directions or you have a question, don't hesitate to ask at the Info Desk


  • ADVENTURELAND is the name of our KIDS PROGRAM and operates every Sunday morning. We believe in giving our kids the best time in their week. Our team go all out to give your kids a great time, teach them the bible and encourage them to make friends.

  • ADVENTURELAND has two purpose built space rooms for our children. VOYAGER XVII is for the children in Grades 1 to 6 and THE DISCOVERY CENTRE is for children 2yrs - KIndergarten. The children also have access to outdoor play areas and the gymnasium during the morning service (depending on the program the teachers have prepared).

  • All of our Adventureland team have working with children checks and are equipped to teach your children.

  • On the 4th Sunday of every month, the children go in to church for the worship music and communion and go to kids during the greeting time.

  • After the service, there is a kids movie setup, so once you pick your kids up after the service, you can all grab some refreshments and then the kids can watch a movie while mum and dad relax.

Here’s what you’ll find: 

  • Friendly People: We’d love to meet you, so feel free to introduce yourself. Please let us know what we can do to care for you while you’re here.

  • United Diversity: You’ll find people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds united by the message of Jesus Christ.

  • Relaxed Atmosphere: You’ll notice some folks who like to dress up for church and others who don’t. Feel free to wear what’s comfortable for you and you’ll fit right in.

  • Passionate Worship: Our service features contemporary music and biblical preaching.

There is so much happening here at HopePoint Church on any given week. We would love for you to join us at any of the events that are happening.


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