Journal Entry by Grant Schofiled

S – Scripture: Psalm 145:13 (Voice)
Your kingdom will never end; Your rule will endure forever. You are faithful to Your promise, and Your acts are marked with grace. 

O – Observation
This verse reminds us that God's kingdom is everlasting, it endures through all generations. The concept of forever is a hard one to perceive. We also see that all God's promises He makes, He keeps. It seems too good to be true; unfortunately we can allow our minds and hearts to be swayed with distrust, especially when it seems like nothing is going right in our lives.  Because of our natural skepticism, we often think of God in the same manner - too good to be true.

A – Application  
I love that God is always working behind the scenes. He's been faithful in His promises for as long as I can remember. I remember early into my marriage that both my wife and I lost our jobs in the same week. We looked at the bills coming up and we looked at our bank account and it wasn't going to be enough, let alone money for food. I remember kneeling beside my bed that night and said "God your word says that you provide the birds of the air, and that I am more valuable in your eyes, so I'm asking that you will provide for me!" The next day I checked the mail box and inside was an envelope with enough money to not only cover our bills but put food on our table.  If that is not God's faithfulness marked with grace I don't know what is!

P – Prayer
Thank you God that you know me, my needs and my heart. I pray that I never forget the promises you've made and kept in my life. Amen