Journal Entry by Bec Tobar

S – Psalm 119:68 (ESV)
You are good and do good; Teach me your statutes.

O – Observation
The Psalmist declared that not only was God good, his nature and very essence good. 
But He DOES good.
The goodness of God is not a hidden sentiment or an inactive element of his character.
God’s goodness finds expression in his acts.
With confidence to a loving and good God, the psalmist would pray, “teach me your statutes”.

A – Application  
When the storms of life hit, being anchored into the foundational truth that “God is good” keeps us steady and sure.
Not only IS He good, He is actively working in ALL things in the lives of those who love Him, to bring about His goodness (Romans 8:28).
Choosing to anchor in truth, and not in our feelings is a CHOICE.
I’m sure that’s why the psalmist cried out for God to teach him His ways.
Sometimes the way God works, isn’t easy for us to see and understand.
But He sees the complete picture.
So we ask Him to teach us..

P – Prayer
Father, just as the Psalmist cried out to you, we call out to you today.
Teach us your ways, for YOU are Good and YOU do good.