Journal Entry by Warren Mortomore

S – Daniel 3:27 (MSG)
‘All the important people, the government leaders and king’s counselors, gathered around to examine them and discovered that the fire hadn’t so much as touched the three men – not a hair singed, not a scorch mark on their clothes – not even the smell of fire (smoke) on them!’

O – Observation
The 3 Hebrew young men had been thrown into a furnace that was so hot that it killed the men who threw them in – all because they refused to bow down and worship a gold statue.

A – Application
As we live and follow Jesus Christ – there are trials we encounter, people that oppose us, circumstances beyond our control, storms that try and sink our boat, but as was the case with the 3 Hebrew young men, there is someone else in the fire with us – Jesus!    He is with us, for us, praying for us – that our faith would remain strong – and even though we go through fire – we can do so without smelling of smoke, without it taking a lasting effect on us, without it derailing our walk with Jesus Christ.

I love their bold statement – ‘and even if God doesn’t rescue us, we will never serve any other Gods or bow down to any gold statue.’

P – Prayer
Lord, thank you for the encouragement of your word to us today – from the lives of these 3 young men – that you are walking with us through the dark valleys, through the fiery trials we face, and you bring us to the other side, with not even the smell of what we have just walked through.