Journal Entry by Grant Schofield

S –  Psalm 18:19 (TPT)
His love broke open the way and brought me into a beautiful broad place. He rescued me – because his delight is in me!

O – Observation
I find it so interesting of how this scripture starts, “HIS LOVE”. That through all that we struggle through, in the pains and hurts of bad reports, through the disappointments and even the unexpected shock of loss, it’s HIS LOVE that will break open the way for us to find a beautiful place of rest, peace, hope and comfort instead of being hemmed in by the things of the enemy. When it feels like we have no room to move because of the pressures, HIS LOVE will bring us into an ample room, where we can be free.   

A – Application
As people we can find ourselves staring at the issues and trails of life. It’s like the hardship of life is a box sitting on a table, and all we do is stare at it. We don’t let our eyes move away from that box. What this does unfortunately is it stops us from enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. We have to let the Love of God enter into our space of despair to break us out of our fixated mindset and see that He has rescued us because He loves us and is so for us.

P – Prayer
Lord, I ask that you will help me to not fixate on issues that come my way. I ask that you would help me see the beauty surrounding me, because of the love You have for me. I pray that I would walk in freedom with my head lifted knowing you have rescued me even when I can’t see it.