Journal Entry by Warren Mortomore

S – Mark 11:22 (NLT)
Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God”

O – Observation
Our faith is not to use for claim this and claim that, although we are told by Jesus to speak his word to the mountains of impossibility that face us. Faith is not in things but to be ‘in God’. Means that my conviction, my confidence, my trust, my belief, my reliance is in Him and who He says He is. Faith is the opposite to doubt which only breeds fear.

A – Application
When everything is going wrong, or not the way we expected, when faced with obstacles of situations and people, it is in these times that we stand firm and declare to ourselves and to what we are facing, that my assurance, my faith, my confidence is in God.  God I don’t only believe in you, but I believe you.  Believing causes faith and expectancy to grow. 
Our faith is not in things but in God and in alignment of what he says in his word to us. Jesus goes on to say that the faith in our hearts is to be spoken, and in so doing becomes active and effective to what we are believing and praying for.
Listen to Jesus words of encouragement to you today – ‘Have faith in God’ 

P – Prayer
Father God, our faith is in you, and in all that you have spoken in your word. We thank you that you are a faithful God, faithful Father. We believe that our faith in you releases the resources of heaven into our situations and our lives here on earth.