Journal Entry by Ethan Mortomore

S – Gen 1:27 (ESV)
So God created man in his own image,  in the image of God he created him;  male and female he created them.

O – Observation
The very beginning of the Bible begins with Creation.  God created everything, light from darkness, filling the galaxy and forming the earth in every detail.  And on the 6th day God created humans - Us.  Notably humanity is created differently to the rest of creation - God make us in HIS Image.  All other creation reflects the creator, but only we are formed in His perfect image.  At the beginning of creation we were made in His image, but then sin came to destroy the image of God within us.  At times we still feel stuck within sin, the flaw of humanity.

A – Application  
This idea has always been hard for me to grasp. How can i be made in the perfect image of God when i am stuck in my sin and humanity? Yet even in my flaws i am created to reflect God here on earth, to live fully and praise Him through every action i do.  I can only do that through faith and salvation in Jesus Christ and my continual, daily surrender to Him.  He has not called me to live a life without purpose or stuck in my sin.  He has given us a purpose, given us a way to serve Him and praise Him (verse 26).  He wants me to live out the life and path he has planned for me, from the very beginning of my days; in His Image for His glory.

P – Prayer
God help me to remember that before i even knew You, and before i knew that i needed You, You had formed me in Your perfect image; to reflect You.  May i not get caught up in my own faults and flaws that i forget my creator, and that everything i do is to reflect You and give You praise.  May I ever reflect You, and Your Son, that others may be drawn to you.   Amen.