Journal Entry by Katrina Bossard

S - Scripture   Proverbs‬ ‭14:4‬ ‭TPT
“The only clean stable is an empty stable. So if you want the work of an ox and to enjoy an abundant harvest, you’ll have a mess or two to clean up!”

O - Observation
I love my house being clean and organised, But I also love having people over and entertaining! The two don’t go hand in hand. I've come to realise that I clean up before people arrive, but then have to expect it to get messy after a great time! The same goes for this verse. As a church, we need to expect that being the hands and feet of Jesus means getting messy! We have to expect that practically after our church has had a building full of people from the community (Playtime 3 x a week, The Project, The Healing Service, Youth, Pins & Needles etc), that the toilets or carpet may not be spotless. It means that we need to be flexible, available and ready to be generous with our love, time, patience and encouragement and grace. Why? Because life and relationships are messy sometimes.

A - Application
Its great to have this in the back of our minds that as our church grows, so will the amount of situations we may have to deal with and crisis we may have to navigate with one another. Its life. We were never promised an easy road, But rather equipped to deal with it should we trust in Jesus. Lets extend grace to one another and expect things to get messy! But also lets allow Jesus to turn the mess into something beautiful.

P - Prayer
Jesus, I thank you that you will help us navigate the mess with one another, that you are the ultimate example of grace and patience. I ask that you check our hearts and start preparing us for more people to join our church family.