Journal Entry by Jenni James

S - Scripture 1 Corinthians 16:13 &14 The Passion Translation
Remember to stay alert and hold firmly to all that you believe. Be mighty and full of courage. Let love and kindness be the motivation behind all that you do.

O - Observation
Sometimes I wish it were easier being a Christian. I wish that all my family and friends both understood and agreed with my beliefs, I wish that society as a whole would be in love with Jesus, that they would understand who He is and what He stands for. Why? Because Jesus is amazing! He is life changing! Because nothing is ever the same once you know Him. While many of my family and friends know Jesus and are amazing role models and a source of inspiration to me, there are some who don’t know him (yet!!). There are some who even attack Jesus and Christianity particularly on social media, and I feel it deeply. Somehow an attack on Jesus feels like an attack on me, and it is easy to get my back up and want to have a ‘strong word’ back. Thank God for the Word and the guidance it gives me. Paul tells us to hold firmly to what we believe, to be mighty and courageous, no matter what others think or say. He follows that up with something amazing, let love and kindness be the motivation behind everything we do! So even if we feel under attack for what we believe, our response is to be love and kindness.

A - Application
In this day and age trolling on social media (attacking others in order to inflame a situation or cause discord) is extreme! So what do we do when we are criticized for our thoughts or beliefs, our love for Jesus? Paul tells us the exact answer, stand firm, hold onto all that we believe, and to respond with love and kindness. Attacking back never shows the love of Jesus. In love and kindness we can talk to others of our beliefs and in love and kindness we can respond to insults that come our way.

P - Prayer
Father God, I love you, I desire you more and more. Help me to be strong when I feel criticized for my beliefs. Let me show others around me your love and your kindness, guide my words, action and even my thoughts. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, give me great courage. In the name of Jesus Christ MY Lord. Amen