Journal Entry by John and Jann Rice

S – Scripture: Psalm 107:25-32 (TPT)
When God spoke he stirred up a storm, lifting high the waves with hurricane winds. Ships were tossed by swelling sea, rising to the sky, then dropping down to the depths reeling like a drunkards, spinning like tops, everyone at their wits end until every sailor despaired of life cringing in terror, Then we cried out, "Lord help us rescue us " and He did, God stilled the storm, calmed the waters & hushed the hurricane winds to only a whisper, we were so relieved so glad as he guided us safely to harbour in a quite haven. So lift your hands & give thanks to God for His marvellous kindness & for His miracles of mercy for those He loves, let us exalt Him on high & lift up our praise in public, let all the people & leaders of nations know how great & wonderful is Yahweh our God.

O - Observation
This passage gives us a graphic description of life's storms & the perils we encounter, as we are impacted by these situations we cry out to the Lord who stills the storm & guides us to a safe haven. With thankful hearts & raised hands give thanks & praise for His miracles of mercy how wonderful is Yahweh our God.

A - Application
Life's journey has many storms to confront, overcome, & avoid, but in it all we can call out to our God who loves us & showers His miracles of mercy on His children to bring us to a place of safety. This brings a response of thankfulness & praise to declare how great & wonderful is our God "Yahweh"

P - Prayer
Dear heavenly Father I thank you that my path is known to you , so it is with confidence that I trust you to carry me through the storms of life, I give you thanks & praise for your great love , mercy & deliverance each step I take , one day at a time. Amen