Journal Entry by Ethan Mortomore

S – Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:15 - ESV
“The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.”

O - Observation
Paul, In his writing to Timothy in chapter 1, seeks to encourage him to stay on the path Paul has set him on, warning him against false teaching and teachers; as Timothy helps the church in Ephesus. Paul then goes on to write that Jesus came to save sinners, who He is the worst of all (“Public Proof Number One as the message translation puts it). He never shies away from his past, but rather uses it to glorify Christ and how Jesus is using him in spreading the gospel. Christ came for Sinners is trustworthy and of full acceptance, for Christ came to save and transform all.

A - Application
Our response, as would have been Timothy’s, is to be encouraged by Paul’s words, and challenged to go after those who do not yet know Christ as their Saviour. We may not have the false teachings today that the first century church faced in regards to the gospel, however we live in a time where anything and everything seeks to grab our attention and sway our beliefs. Christ did not come to simply make our lives comfortable, but He died so that all may live eternally. Our commission as the Church is to spread the Gospel and Jesus’ love and sacrifice for all; regardless of who they are, or our past.

P - Prayer
Jesus we thank you for pursuing us, and showing us mercy, when we did nothing to deserve it. May we ever be about your business and spreading the good news of the Gospel to all; to be the church in and outside of a Sunday. May we not let our past hold us back from the future you have called us too. We thank you, and we love you. Amen