Journal Entry by Warren Mortomore

S – Scripture: Exodus 4:2  (NLT)
“The Lord said to Moses, “What do you have there in your hand?”

O - Observation
Moses was making excuses on why he couldn’t go on God’s mission to Pharaoh. I have nothing, I am not good enough, they won’t believe me, send someone else. The Lord said to him, what is that in your hand? Moses replied, “A shepherd’s staff.”

A - Application
What’s a Shepherd’s staff compared to Pharaoh and his vast army? What Moses was missing was that God takes the ordinary, such as a Shepherd’s staff/rod and uses it to perform extraordinary miracles through his power.

We can look and say as Moses did, I have nothing – but in every one of us, God has placed, gifts, abilities, talents, resources, helps, unique gifting’s,  that if we will just give them to Him, He is able through His power to do extraordinary miracles.

P - Prayer
God, forgive me for making excuses when it comes to following and obeying you. Thank you for the things you have given to me, planted in me that you want to use to see your Kingdom extended here on earth. None of us can make excuses for not using what you have given to us. You take the ordinary, and use it for your extraordinary purposes.