Journal Entry by John and Jann Rice

S – Scripture: Psalm 107: 10-16-v22 (TPT)
Some of us once sat in darkness, living in the shadows of death we were prisoners to our own pain, chained to our regrets. For we rebelled against God's word and rejected wise counsel of God most high. So, He humbled us through our circumstances, watching us as we stumbled with no one there to pick us back up. Our own pain became our punishment. Then we cried out, “Lord help us Rescue us!" and He did! His light broke through the darkness and He led us out in freedom from death's dark shadow and snapped every one of our chains. So lift your hands and give thanks to God for His marvellous kindness and His miracles of mercy for those He loves! For He smashed through heavy prison doors and shattered the steel bars that held us back, just to set us free!
V22 Bring your praise as an offering and your thanks as a sacrifice as you sing your story of miracles with a joyful song.

O - Observation
Unknowingly we can be prisoners by rejecting God's wise council and finding ourselves stumbling in difficult circumstances. When our response is to call out to the Lord to help and rescue us He will come to bring light, freedom and break every chain and smash prison doors. With thankful hearts we lift our hands and sing of His mercy with joyful song.   

A - Application
Let the word of God dwell in our heart, so as to be sensitive to the wise counsel of God, this will enable us to avoid the pain and regrets of going our own way. lf we are misled we can call out  "Lord help us Rescue us" and He will bring light, smashing prison doors, break steel bars, enabling us to rejoice with songs of thanksgiving and praise.

P - Prayer
Dear Heavenly Father we thank you that you know where we are in life, and your wise counsel will guide and keep us from the deception of the enemy. Lord we thank you as we walk through the unknown pathway before us, if we fall you will hear our cry and rescue us and bring deliverance, we lift up hands of thanksgiving with songs of praise for your marvellous kindness and miracles of mercy that we enjoy each day. Amen.