Journal Entry by Chris Watling

S – Scripture: John 18:17 - NIV
“You aren’t one of this man’s disciples too, are you?” she asked Peter.  He replied, “I am not.”

O - Observation
Often I make fun of the disciples but they are so like me, Their responses and their actions are not far from my own. Sometimes I scoff at the fact that they are with Jesus and they should respond better than the way they do, but I do the same. He is near to me, He has sent his spirit to guide and teach me, yet often my response is the same.

Peter responded in fear here. He did not do it deliberately or with evil in his heart but despite his best intentions, he failed. Maybe he didn't fully trust who Jesus was at that point of his journey or maybe he allowed the circumstances of the current situation, which probably would have been overwhelming, to rule his words and actions. From this test, Peter learned a lot and became the courageous leader that he needed to be to push the church forward.

A - Application
Trust: Sometimes fear can strike when circumstances don’t look like I think they should, so I need to trust Jesus and what he wants for my life. To know that He is in control and He wants the best for me. I need to allow the Holy Spirit to transform my heart
Humility: Don't be proud, he knows if I'm going to fail but don’t give up keep going.
If I fail, use Peters example of how he became a different person after this incident. He was full of courage and knew who he was in God and what he was destined for.

P - Prayer
Jesus, please give me courage and wisdom to know when fear is ruling my decisions rather than your love and hope. Please help me to remember that you want the best for me and that I can trust you.