Journal Entry by Gary and Christine Skinner

S – Scripture Psalm 94:9 (The Passion Translation) 
“God isn’t hard of hearing… God isn’t blind…  He’s watching all you do”

O - Observation
God is omniscient… He knows everything… there is no hiding from Him!

A - Application
“You’d better wise up! Why would you act like God doesn’t exist?” Psalm 94: 8. As parents we watched our boys play soccer (real football). More than once we observed the opposition were employing illegal tactics, playing too rough and the referee seemed blindsided, but… no matter how much pain we felt as parents we couldn’t intervene. It just seemed so unfair!

Sometimes, we may think God’s not taking note of what we do or is being done to us. But… He can, and does hear and see so let’s avoid being RED carded and play within His rules… even if it doesn’t seem fair.

P - Prayer
Father God, You Are listening and watching over us today. May the life we lead, our words and actions bring glory to Your name… that the world may know You exist, and You care.