Growth Track

 What's your next step?


The purpose of Growth Track at HopePoint Church
is to help you move your life forward toward God’s best.





Believe Classes are available for New Christians or those who want to refresh their knowledge on the Basics of what we believe. The course runs for  6 weeks. If you would like to attend please fill out a short  form and we will contact you with more details.

201 - Belong

Belong (Membership) is a one hour luncheon after church run once a quarter. This is where we  support people through to New Member Sunday when we welcome them into our church family.

301 - build

Build is a 3 week course that is run about once a term to help people “Find Their Fit.” In this course, people will look at their Spiritual Giftings, their personality type and experience to help determine where they can find their fit. 



We LOVE to serve at HopePoint and use the gifts and talents that God has given us. We have lots of different opportunities available to you. Book in a chat with our volunteer coordinator to help you find a place to serve.




We have always been a church of and for the generations. We want to build people in EVERY stage of their life.

”Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think - according to the power that works in you - to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”   Ephesians 3:20-21 [NIV]

Get Togethers // Social, fun activities to build relationships. 

These are a great way to reach unsaved people and connect them in.

Gatherings // These are larger group activities that connect people in that age group with some spiritual content. These may be yearly, quarterly, bi-monthly or weekly [depending on what the leader sees will work].

Groups // These are smaller groups that connect people in that age group. 

Providing an intimate setting for people to grow and receive support. 



In many ways, not only does tomorrow’s church depend on our children, but so does today’s. Think about it. When was the last time the joy and faith of a child not lift your spirits? We all know we need to have faith like our children. That’s why our 'HopePoint Kids' Ministry wants to instill a deep-rooted faith in our children early. Each week we strive to present biblical truths in creative, memorable ways and strive to partner with parents in modeling loving, Christian relationships. 

We provide exciting opportunities for growth and learning. We do all of this so that a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ can begin. We seek to make this your child's favourite day of the week, so we use skilled volunteers, technology, fun activities, and excellent environments to communicate the timeless knowledge of our loving God. 

We believe this makes HopePoint Kids a place your child will be begging you to bring them back each week!




The Switch makes up one half of the Youth Ministry of HopePoint, known as The Student Collective. It is for students from the years of 6-10. We have loads of fun and enjoy games, music, small groups and a host of different activities for the year, including our annual SUMMER CAMP.

We exist to help you in your faith journey and to be there to celebrate you and who you are in whatever you do! 






The Junction is for senior students in year 11 up to 20 years. 

We seek to provide an environment that is relaxed, relevant and safe in order for you to grow and mature in your faith in the midst of what can be some very challenging yet awesome years!



Motion is the young adults ministry of HopePoint Church for 21-30 years.

We meet in lifegroups fortnightly over 3 locations. 

We have bi-monthly events such as city food crawls, lawn bowls, and rooftop parties. 



30s and 40s

7/24 is a group for the Gen X's - 30 to 40 year olds. 

All singles, couples and families are welcome to take part. It's a great chance to get to know others in your age group. 

7/24 wants to accommodate people and make them feel connected to the church family. We would love to see our families and adults Flourish and Thrive as we serve alongside each other.

BB Network logo.jpg


Are your kids able to take care of themselves or have they left home? 

If you answered yes to that question or even no, why don't you come join us for Baby Boomers Network.

Us empty nesters deserve a chance to get together and just have fun with each other. 

Break With Routine - Enrich Your Lifestyle - Step Out - Enjoy - Have Fun !!



HopePoint Seniors aim is to bless the seniors in our church and in our community, recognising their unique qualities and respecting their faithfulness and consistency following our Lord Jesus, we can learn from them. 

We have a great time getting to know each other, eating together and worshipping in our seniors service. 


Other Ministries

We understand that every ONE is unique and so we have a lot of ways for you to connect within the life of the church community.




An opportunity to gather ALL women from every season and stage of life! We connect, worship together, receive the Word.

We also engage in projects and initiatives such as Birthing Kit Assemblies to provide health clinics in countries like Uganda with clean birthing kits to help mothers and babies avoid infection and survive childbirth.



Our men's ministry and is dedicated to building better men by developing character, strengthening marriages and families and establishing positive role models.

We meet regularly for men's breakfasts followed by a great word. 




We are a friendly group of ladies who meet on Friday mornings at 10.00 am to 12 noon. Our purpose in this craft group is to provide a great environment for ladies of our community to experience friendship and encouragement as they develop in their God-given creativity. Our philosophy is that anyone can learn to do a craft, provided she gets taught how to do it! 

Newcomers are more than welcome.

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Every Generation has small groups for you to be a part of to connect with others.

We would love to help you find a group.

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