In many ways, not only does tomorrow’s church depend on our children, but so does today’s. Think about it. When was the last time the joy and faith of a child not lift your spirits? We all know we need to have faith like our children. That’s why our 'HopePoint Kids' Ministry wants to instill a deep-rooted faith in our children early. Each week we strive to present biblical truths in creative, memorable ways and strive to partner with parents in modeling loving, Christian relationships. 

We provide exciting opportunities for growth and learning. We do all of this so that a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ can begin. We seek to make this your child's favourite day of the week, so we use skilled volunteers, technology, fun activities, and excellent environments to communicate the timeless knowledge of our loving God. 

We believe this makes HopePoint Kids a place your child will be begging you to bring them back each week!

Enroling your child in hopepoint kids

On your first visit to HopePoint Kids you will be asked to fill out a Visitors Form. This will be a recurrence each time you visit.

When you decide your kids love HPK, want to make it a more permanent experience you can then fill out an Enrolment Form.
If you haven’t already filled out a “Keep in Contact” form for yourself you need to fill it in so we have parent/carer information as well.