HopePoint Church ministers and special guests bring Bible-based sermons to us. Every week God challenges the church through these messages. In our message library you'll find video recordings of our recent messages. iTunes listeners can even subscribe to our audio podcast.

The Original Dozen 'John - The Apostle of Love' with Bec Tobar - 12 August 2018

John's story is one of transformation through relationship and intimacy with the son of God. In fact the book of John reveals a mature John this "son of thunder" proclaiming that Jesus took away the eternal punishment of our sin (justice) and this incredible act of justification is the greatest mercy anyone could ever know.

The Original Dozen 'The Others' with Ethan Mortomore - 5 August 2018

They all took the call of delivering the transforming Gospel through until their last days. They did not, and could not stop but continue on on their mission. Because they were Unknown does not mean they were Unworthy.

The Original Dozen 'Thomas The Pessimist' with Warren Mortomore - 29 July 2018

Your doubts - your questions don't overwhelm God. Keep pressing into Jesus. He understands your weaknesses - your doubts - your uncertainties. Allow His peace and his promises to fill your life. If Thomas believed, then so can you.