HopePoint Church ministers and special guests bring Bible-based sermons to us. Every week God challenges the church through these messages. In our message library you'll find video recordings of our recent messages. iTunes listeners can even subscribe to our audio podcast.

The Shepherd's Oil with Bec Tobar - 30 December 2018

FEAR NOT Part 2 - Joseph with Warren Mortomore - 23 December 2018

You have no idea what you are setting into motion when you obey what God puts on your heart. You have no idea when you step out in faith - single act of obedience could affect generations to come.

FEAR NOT Part 1 - Mary Luke 1 with Bec Tobar - 16 December 2018

FEAR is a natural response to change and the unexpected (Unexpected life change). And also a natural response to the pain of the expected. (Childbirth, recovery after operation). Fear is the opposite of faith! Fear is faith in the wrong direction!

Psalm 27:11-14 Because, Believe, Breakthrough! with Warren Mortomore - 9 December 2018

God's Waiting room is not a bad place, in His waiting room I receive strength to go on - fresh hope that I will not find any other way.I don't like it - I don't want it, but in the waiting room I find hope, that hope is Jesus Christ.