HopePoint Church ministers and special guests bring Bible-based sermons to us. Every week God challenges the church through these messages. In our message library you'll find video recordings of our recent messages. iTunes listeners can even subscribe to our audio podcast.

Psalm 27:9-10 'Help - Hope' with Bec Tobar - 2 December 2018

The good news is God is our HELP. And he wants you to receive his Help JUST at the time you need it! All you have to do is ASK!

Psalm 27: 5-8 'Because God Shall-Then I Will' with Warren Mortomore - 25 November 2018

No matter what I am facing.

I set my heart to seek you out.

I set my heart to dwell on who you are.

I set my heart on your promises – what you will do.

I declare over my life what you say not what I say or others say.

I put myself in an atmosphere of praise and worship.

I will praise you – I will sing to you (even when it seems absurd and hard).

Psalm 27: 1-2 'God is in Control' with Warren Mortomore - 11 November 2018

Because He is in control, He calls us to trust Him at the same time we are going through dark valleys, tragedies, wrestling with heartache, with loss, with disappointment, with doubts, with painful emotions, with unanswered prayers, - keep your eyes on me - I am in control!