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Playtime is volunteer based and exactly what the name implies - “play time” for children, hang time for grown ups. Our volunteers are ladies from HopePoint Church, who have a desire to serve our community. If you wish to join then register your name and contact details below, we will then contact you regarding availability times. 


WHEN:  Weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays according to availability (during school terms)

 Please note that you may come once a week on your desired day if it is available            

TIME: 10am to 12noon

WHERE: HopePoint Church Discovery Centre in Adventureland

ADDRESS: 42a Beale Street, Georges Hall

COST: $2.50 per child or $5.00 per family

WHAT TO BRING: A hat for sunny days. A change of clothing for waterplay days. Dressed to play with paints, sand and messy child play activities.


We are not taking anymore registrations for the rest of 2019 but we are now taking registrations for 2020 and will contact you early in January with the availability of your preferences.

Helen and the Playtime Team