Every stage of life has its unique challenges and the senior years are no different .

We see the rapid pace of change around us from technical, social, physical (and I’m sure you’ll name others)… keeping up with our personal evolution can be made easier with community.

We hope this web page will be an additional resource to you, to further promote and encourage community.

At HopePoint, we joy in being included in a community of God’s people who are determined to see each other reach the ultimate in spiritual, physical and mental well being.

Enjoy the website, become involved, encourage one another.

Lots of Love

Wal & The Team 

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The Project will be starting off again for Term Two with A Big Day In where we will get together for a lunch and service  after the Project.

We've contacted Ps Minta Baker to speak to us and she is excited to come and share. It will be a good opportunity for those who come to the Project to bring any unsaved friends or family with them.

This day is open to anyone who would like to fellowship with our Seniors.

Cost Donation.

10.00am - The Project 

12.30pm - Lunch together

Then Service with Ps Minta Baker

John and Jann Rice

John and Jann Rice


Our HopePoint Elders


How to Maintain Spiritual Health

Have you ever thought to yourself "what does God look like?" 

In the book of Genesis we are told that God created man in His image and likeness.  That speaks to me of Gods intention to have a real close intimate relationship with us. Let's have a look at 1 John 4:11-12 (The Passion Translation).

"Delightfully loved ones, if He loved us with such tremendous love, then loving one another should be our way of life. No one has ever gazed upon the fullness of Gods splendour, but if we love one another God makes His permanent home in us and we make our permanent home in Him, and His love is brought to its full expression in us."

A little further along it says we have come into an intimate experience with 'Gods Love.'  We have the awesome responsibility to be the expression of Gods love to one another and to a needy world.

What does God look like, I trust each one of us will aspire to be 'God Like.'

With love, John and Jann.

Do you want to know more about God? Contact us below and we will be happy to help you in your spiritual journey.

Meet The Team

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Wal Bennett

Curt and Vicky Rendall

Curt and Vicki Rendall

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Daniel and Pilar Noel

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Victor and Elba Tobar

Our HopePoint Seniors Team work tirelessly to make sure you can come and have fun, make and maintain friendships as well as keeping an active lifestyle together.

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The Bus Trip in 2014